Laetitia Schlumberger was spotted at school by the famous corsetmaker and embroider Hubert Barrere as she was finishing her studies as a designer/pattern-maker.
She soon integrated Haute Couture ateliers where for years she learned to sharpen her creative eye and handiwork.
Her curiosity led her to many encounters. At a young age she was entrusted with missions of project development and artistic direction throughout the world ; in China, India, Holland, Lebanon and of course France.

What truly inspires Laetitia is creating, and making new encounters. She decided to create her own company so as to be free in retogard her projects and ambitions. Her regular customers request from her lingerie that is different to what is already out there, as she successfully does. the peculiar idea of sewing a magnetic system on panties is born.

Thus, Laetitia created Dement.
Dement is her treasure, her vitrine, her means of expressing herself.

In parallel, Laetitia pursues her work for others. She enjoys creating and constructing for them. She built for her clients sharp and specialized networks in french savoir-faire and interior dress structures.Her strength is orchestrating.
She installs a privileged relation, puts into place collections and follows the development of brands as well as the networks involved.

Laetitia has worked for Chanel, Lacroix, Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli, Yoba, Dina JSR, HealFAshion lab, among others...

Dement is a lingerie brand created in 2010 by designer/ pattern maker Laetitia Schlumberger.

Dement is an idea : hide under each bow of your lingerie an invisible and solid magnetic system.And when you desire it, in just one click of your fingers it can all be thrown off.

The brand name is inspired by a french word play : Dement/démentiel (wild)
Dement/amant/aimant (lover)(magnet)

Chic and refined, midway between ready-to-wear and lingerie, Dement’s clean-lined, fresh and delicate collections complete the wardrobes of the fashion obsessed, providing a sexy, efficient and discreet touch.

Dement spices up your outfits and your nights. You feel beautiful, funny, and sexy.

Initially known for its magnetic bras and panties, Dement has extended its collections to everyday lingerie, as well as swimwear.